We stand behind all products purchased from us with a guarantee. Specifically, when you purchase an Icetub, you receive a standard one-year guarantee. This guarantee is valid for personal use of our Icetubs and excludes any shipping fee, return fee or exchange parts charges. For business or professional use, a maximum warranty period of six months applies.

Ensuring that your purchase serves you well is paramount to us. If your product is found to be defective within the guarantee period, we commit to repairing or replacing it at no additional cost. The decision on whether to repair or replace rests with us. However, this guarantee does not cover instances where the issue arises from reckless or deliberate actions, or improper usage of the Icetub. In such cases, no claim can be made under the guarantee.

We are readily available to address any queries regarding our Icetubs and their guarantee. Therefore, please reach out to us promptly if you encounter any defects, ideally within 7 days of discovering the issue or when you could reasonably have become aware of it (service@halrove.com). We will take prompt action to ensure that you can once again enjoy the refreshing cold water from our Icetubs as soon as possible.

The guarantee does not apply in case of:

  1. Damage resulting from improper use of the Ice tub.
  2. Damage incurred while moving or transporting the Ice tub, unless done so by "Icetubs" personnel.
  3. Exposure of the Ice tub to outdoor temperatures at or below freezing.
  4. Damage caused by placing items such as glasses or toys inside the Ice tub.
  5. Use of substances other than ice-cold water in the Ice tub.
  6. Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or neglect.
  7. Loss due to fire, flood, rainwater, theft, vermin or insect infestation, or unreasonable outdoor exposure.
  8. Damage resulting from improper installation, operation, maintenance, or use contrary to Icetubs’ instructions and specifications.
  9. Damage caused by the misuse of corrosive chemicals.
  10. Damage caused by negligence leading to water or other liquids entering electrical components.
  11. Damage due to severe overheating resulting from negligence, such as obstructing product fans or covering heat exchange surfaces with objects like towels or clothing, or placing the system too close to a wall.
  12. Consumable items such as filters, water hoses, and covers.
  13. Damage caused by intentional or reckless actions by you or a third party.

For service under this Limited Warranty, please contact us at service@halrove.com. Kindly provide the following information: purchaser's name, proof of purchase, dated receipt, item purchased, and a detailed description of the problem or failure. Claims must be submitted within the specified warranty period.

Halrove may offer warranty support for issues arising after the warranty period expires at its discretion. However, the customer will be responsible for all associated costs, including parts, return, and shipping, once the applicable warranty period has lapsed.